IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

Accounting and tax reporting

80% of the success of any business depends on the correct organization and implementation of accounting and tax accounting. Lack of experience of the accountant, and the absence of periodic introduction of new optimal methods of analysis of financial indicators, can be a cause of slow development of business, or even its bankruptcy. The same can be said about neorganichno tailored to the activity systems of taxation and accounting.

Cause and effectimproper management of accounting and tax accounting:

Made in the course of organization and conducting accounting and tax accounting errors, it is best visible from the outside, with fresh eyes. And before that look in your face throw the tax, pension Fund, insurance services and other organizations, it is better to entrust conduct financial and tax audit of the company Sun Сonsulting.

Experienced professionals working on your outcome, will conduct a full analysis of the existing system in the enterprise, will determine errors and weaknesses, and make recommendations for improving the organization of accounting.

  • The errors in the calculations of tax and accounting metrics are carrying unsustainable losses of the enterprise, as well as fines and penalties imposed by tax inspection and other Supervisory state bodies.

  • Incorrect assessment of tax risks – is a misrepresentation of the company's management and, as a consequence, the wrong course of doing business.

  • The wrong reflection of the accounting records is a suboptimal inefficient redistribution of income and cash flows.

  • Improper organization of accounting and tax accounting is the additional cost of unnecessary financial processes, increase bureaucracy and complexity of obtaining information in convenient for perception by management.

Advantagesoutsourcing company
  • We are closely monitoring changes in tax legislation and regularly improve your own skills, so we offer the best effective solutions.

  • Experience with enterprises of different forms of ownership and different forms of taxation, allows us to quickly understand the situation in the inspected organization and identify problem areas.

  • Thanks to the professional audit report you get a chance to look at the company through the eyes of a tax inspector and in time to make the necessary adjustments in order to avoid unnecessary explanations from the supervising government agencies.

  • We strictly observe the secrecy of commercial information, insurance for which is a reputation earned by years of Sun Сonsulting.

What do you giveconduct financial and tax audit?
  • Obtaining reliable information on the company's financial performance and cash flows.

  • The ability to plan activities based on reliable accounting and tax accounting, which is an important competitive advantage, as it eliminates potential mistakes in the future.

  • The savings on salaries of accountants that perform "extra" on the evidence of audit work.

  • The possibility of holding a "rehearsal" of a tax audit, what is the best way to prepare for the protection of their business before the inspectors.

  • Prevention of necessity of payment of fines and penalties by regulatory organizations due to the incorrectly calculated amounts of taxes and fees.

  • Minimization of tax risks of the enterprise.

How much to pay for the service?

The amount you will need to pay for bookkeeping and tax audit, is calculated individually. It depends on how large should be checking, provides full or partial audit, the performance of the work, the amount of business-processes produced for the period, type of tax and other factors.

Focusing on their needs and information about your company, right now, you can calculate the cost of the audit with the help of our online calculator.

The tax system:

Total (VAT included)
Simplified taxation (VAT)

Approximate amount source documents per month:


The approximate cost of the services: rub. / month.

Find out the exact cost
the service you get:
  • Professional analysis of the existing system of accounting and taxation models.

  • The verification of the correctness and completeness of the accounting reports data of the primary documentation.

  • The analysis of the organization of documents circulation and accounting of business transactions.

  • The analysis of the correctness of the account of expenses for the formation of the taxable base.

  • The identification of factors that best influence the magnitude of the tax indicators.

  • Verification of timely submission of reports to the regulatory authorities, as well as payment of necessary taxes and fees.

  • Analysis of methods of calculation of taxes and fees to extra-budgetary funds.

  • Analysis of the use of tax incentives.

  • Verification of compliance of accounting and tax accounting requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • Support at the time of tax audits.

  • Defending the client's interests, claims of state regulatory agencies.

Scheme of workwith Sun Consulting

In the contract to be concluded in the beginning of cooperation, designate the timing of the audit, its depth – full or partial, and negotiated for the provision of the audit report.

After conclusion of the contract by the service provider receives from the client the access to all the necessary audit documentation.

Then test the correctness of the primary documents.

Control of the correctness of the organization and management of accounting and tax policy.

Why working with us is profitable?
  • Work with us — it saves not only money, but time. You will be able to focus on business processes, bringing real profit, not delving into routine accounting matters.
  • Your confidential information will be secured the reputation of our company.
  • Your accounting will always be in perfect condition.
  • Our deep knowledge of regulations and laws, will give you an advantage over competitors.
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