IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

Automation of the accounting processes

Any enterprise, whether commercial organization, manufacturing company, financial institution or company providing services to automate workflows, especially those that fall within the scope of accounting.

The deeper you can automate each type of work, the faster and easier it will be possible to carry out processes such as: the settlements with counterparties, the transaction of lending operations, data analysis, financial, accounting or management accounting. Eventually the company comes to increase its efficiency and, consequently, increases your profits.

You needservice of automation of accounting if:

For automation of accounting you need an experienced specialist who not only will choose a suitable in a specific case, but also be able to configure it as efficiently as possible to meet all the requirements of the company's management. Not to be mistaken in choosing such a specialist, it is better to contact the professionals from Sun Consulting.

  • You, as the head of the company, have immediate access to management information at any stage of its readiness.

  • The procedure of registration and storage of accounting documents about your organization is time consuming and has a fairly complex system.

  • The processing speed of incoming information is too low to ensure the timeliness of managerial decision-making.

  • The company is stagnated business processes due to the slowness of the cumbersome accounting system.

Advantagesoutsourcing company
  • With us convenient as we always delve into the essence of problems and can offer a choice of several options of solutions to the task.

  • Work with us 100% effective, as the success of our proposals is the criterion of the quality of our work.

  • We are reliable partners and do not undertake a hopeless job. If we accept the order, then it will be executed on "perfectly".

  • We are trusted by trade secret, and we know how to keep it.

What getsthe organization with the automation of accounting?
  • Avoiding errors in calculations due to human factor.

  • Automatic data transfer from primary documentation to the accounting documents, which speeds up and simplifies this process.

  • The ability to quickly make and analyze data in different dimensions for decision-making on the conclusion of partnership agreements.

  • To conveniently store information.

  • Improving the efficiency of accounting in General and cost reduction for the organization of its activities.

  • Greater flexibility in accounting for adoption of non-standard managerial decisions.

The cost of services automation of accounting procedures

The cost of the service is determined based on the volume of organization, fragmentation of its structure, number of employees of the accounting Department, the number of processes required for accounting for the period. Based on this information, now calculate the cost of services for your enterprise.

The tax system:

Total (VAT included)
Simplified taxation (VAT)

Approximate amount source documents per month:


The approximate cost of the services: rub. / month.

Find out the exact cost
In the price
services included:
  • The audit system of accounting to determine the degree of automation.

  • The development of proposals for the use of the software.

  • Definition of the technical base necessary for carrying out the automation process.

  • Installing the software on the customer's equipment and configure it to the needs of the company's management.

  • The creation of a system model procedures to be automated.

  • Development of the scheme of automation of a procedure.

  • Business accounting staff regarding the work of the installed software.

  • The testing of the created automated system.

Scheme of workс Солнцем Консультирование

Drawing up a contract that defines the scope of the tasks set by the customer to the contractor and deadlines for their implementation.

After conclusion of the contract, employees of Sun Consulting spend audit of system of management accounting to identify bottlenecks and develop proposals for the implementation of a particular model of automation.

Is located and identified the equipment necessary for automation, and software as its main tool.

Developed schema for automation of processes of different types.

Training personnel to work with the software installed.

Why working with us is profitable?
  • Work with us — it saves not only money, but time. You will be able to focus on business processes, bringing real profit, not delving into routine accounting matters.
  • Your confidential information will be secured the reputation of our company.
  • Your accounting will always be in perfect condition.
  • Our deep knowledge of regulations and laws, will give you an advantage over competitors.
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