IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

Outsourcing payroll

At payroll takes the lion’s share of working time accounting of any enterprise. Sometimes this created whole departments, on the organization of work which you need to spend a lot of money. However, world practice shows that the payroll on their own has a number of disadvantages.

What loses businesswhen payroll by our own accounting?

Transfer of payroll outsourcing relieves the company has a great number of complexities associated with this process. This practice, popular in many developed countries, helps to conduct effective business for more than 60% of domestic enterprises.

The ease of outsourcing payroll is that it has the minimum number of links with other areas of accounting, so that the allocation of it service professionals from the organization Sun Consulting is not accompanied by large changes in the overall structure of the enterprise.

  • Store information about the salary of employees in absolute secrecy.

  • Cost savings related to the organization of the work of staff accountants on the payroll.

  • The integrity of the picture and the possibility of a generalized approach, if we are talking about geographically-distributed structure of the organization.

  • Flexibility in decision-making, especially in the case of start-up companies.

Advantagesoutsourcing company
  • On the payroll of your company will employ professionals who keep abreast of relevant changes in legislation and ready to give the optimal solution.

  • You get the opportunity of choosing the most convenient system of work is adopted at your company or by our specialists.

  • We have enough time and manpower to conduct a comprehensive professional analysis of data on wages of your company that will allow you to properly plan for the organization of activities.

  • You can concentrate on your core business, putting the financial matters on our experienced and reliable shoulders.

New opportunitieswhen transferring salaries to outsourcing Sun Consulting
  • The most effective redistribution of funds in organizations, thanks to proper payroll processing.

  • Rational use of labor resources with the right analysis of their usefulness for the enterprise.

  • Absolute confidentiality regarding the size of salaries of all categories of workers, protection of information from competitors.

  • Receiving analytical data in a client-friendly form.

  • To benefit from the introduction of the new provisions of the laws and regulations in the payroll processing and fulfillment of all necessary taxes and fees.

  • Timely payroll.

How much is outsourcing payroll?

Applied tariff rates in Sun Consulting is adjusted individually for each organization based on the following criteria: the size of the organization, the system of taxation, number of employees, the need analysis, etc. Find out the approximate cost for your company right now!

The tax system:

Total (VAT included)
Simplified taxation (VAT)

Approximate amount source documents per month:


The approximate cost of the services: rub. / month.

Find out the exact cost
In the price
outsourcing section of the salary includes the following procedures:
  • The payroll of all categories of workers, as well as the transfer of taxes and contributions on this article.

  • The calculation of the amounts of the leaves of temporary disability.

  • The calculation of the severance payment, vacations, and compensation for non-use.

  • The calculation of amounts under an employment contracts and contracts of civil nature with individuals

  • Preparation of reporting documentation for tax inspection and non-budgetary funds on wages.

  • Preparation of individual pay slips for wages to employees.

  • Preparation of management analytical reports.

  • Preparation of payment documents.

Scheme of workfrom Sun Consulting

In the first stage is the agreement on provision of services, which defines the list of processes outsourced. Here will be defined in terms of the payroll and the duration of the contract.

Next, the customer provides the contractor with all the necessary payroll documents: the register of working time, wage scale, staffing, employment contract, etc.

The contractor processes the received documents, transfers them into electronic form, in case of detection of errors, corrects them in working order in coordination with the customer.

Executes payroll and all related duties, taxes and charges.

The contractor is analytical reporting to management and reports to state agencies, as well as all necessary payment documents.

All compiled reports are submitted to the customer for approval.

After the approval is made by the payment of wages to employees.

Why working with us is profitable?
  • Work with us — it saves not only money, but time. You will be able to focus on business processes, bringing real profit, not delving into routine accounting matters.
  • Your confidential information will be secured the reputation of our company.
  • Your accounting will always be in perfect condition.
  • Our deep knowledge of regulations and laws, will give you an advantage over competitors.
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