IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

The replacement of the chief financial officer (CFO)

The distribution of cash flows, forming part of the financial strategy of the enterprise, planning for profit organizationit all comes down to knowledge and skills of one person – the CFO. Areas of activity the financial Director is so vast that this position must take not only financial savvy person, but a professional who is able to delve deeply into all aspects of the activities of the enterprise.

The lack ofthe financial Director has the following problems:

The cost of the services of such a genius is often not affordable for the developing enterprises, also need to make allowances for the forced absence of one indispensable man – vacation, business trip, hospital. In this situation, comes to the aid of a consulting company Sun Consulting! With us you can order a replacement financial Director on a permanent basis, and during the absence of its expert.

  • The inability to properly redistribute the cash flows.

  • Suspended financial activities of the enterprise during the absence of the specialist.

  • There is no possibility to use these professionally written financial analysis of a company.

  • The impossibility of overseeing all financial processes in the enterprise.

Advantages work with Sun Consulting
  • High level of professionalism of Sun Consulting. The priority in our work is the implementation of the tasks set before us. Therefore, you will not participate in solving problems that may face us in the process of doing the work, and just get the desired result.

  • We have a huge experience of work with enterprises in different spheres of activity that gives you the opportunity to use our comprehensive knowledge in the process of increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise.

  • We won't drive you "by the nose", promising Golden mountains and by tackling the unsolvable problems. We stipulate concrete results, the achievement of which 100% sure.

  • We strictly keep your commercial secrets, and the presence of only positive reviews – this is a direct confirmation of our good reputation.

Service replacement Finance Director gives you the opportunity to:
  • Define strategic and operational plans, taking into account true financial analysts.

  • To literate comments and recommendations concluded by the company agreements.

  • With the help of experienced professionals to develop actions for increase of profitability of the organization, preventing the formation of unused goods and materials, or improve their liquidity, reduce costs and increase profits, strengthen the solvency of the enterprise, etc.

  • Always focus on customer needs.

The cost of the service replacement financial Director

On the formation of service cost of replacement Finance Director will be influenced by the following factors: the size and structure of the enterprise, the number of tasks assigned to this post, the necessity of deducing of the enterprise from crisis. Right now, using our online calculator, you can calculate the cost of the service for your particular case.

The tax system:

Total (VAT included)
Simplified taxation (VAT)

Approximate amount source documents per month:


The approximate cost of the services: rub. / month.

Find out the exact cost
The service
cost includes
  • Full or partial replacement of the financial Director of the company.

  • Develop financial part of business plans and strategic and operational planning.

  • Participation in building of motivation system for employees of the organization.

  • Analysis of financial part of contracts, signed in the enterprise.

  • The development of measures to improve the profitability of the company, the organization and monitoring their implementation.

  • Preparation of analytical reports on the sections required by the guide.

  • Participation in negotiations with counterparties.

Scheme of work with Sun Consulting

In the contract between you and our company, will determine the strategic and operational goals and objectives of the cooperation. Negotiated the term of the contract, as well as the list and the frequency of execution of those or other problems.

After signing the contract, we must obtain from you all necessary documents in paper and electronic form, which carry information needed for the task.

For a specific contract period, we performed its obligations by providing certain timing report produced by the works and their performance.

During the workflow in a structured agreement between us by mutual consent subject to the necessary amendments and additions.

Why working with us is profitable?
  • Work with us — it saves not only money, but time. You will be able to focus on business processes, bringing real profit, not delving into routine accounting matters.
  • Your confidential information will be secured the reputation of our company.
  • Your accounting will always be in perfect condition.
  • Our deep knowledge of regulations and laws, will give you an advantage over competitors.
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