IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

IFRS and accounting advice, service and support in Moscow

Building a shared service center for holding companies (shared services center)

Useful experience of major European enterprises in the efficient use of shared service centers already have been borrowed by the Russian holdings. More than 70% of businesses successfully used the SSC in the activities of their enterprises. However, the creation and organization of such a structure is a complex multi-faceted question, to solve which can only be a good specialist with extensive experience in this field.

What is the complexity the management of the holding without SSC?

All these problems can be neutralized with just one call to the company Sun Consulting, which in the shortest terms will carry out all necessary works on creation of shared service centre companies of your holding!

  • Without SSC as in horizontally and in vertically integrated holding company, accumulated a huge number of small tasks that have to decide a large number of staff at each individual facility.

  • The company's management receives information about the state of Affairs at each manufacturing facility individually, which complicates its perception and makes it difficult to generate the correct operational decisions.

  • Installs complex structure of the workflow, which significantly increases the time of contact of information from originator to the end user.

  • Holding a large number of functions that are duplicated in various companies in a time when could be carried out by just one person or Department in a shared service center.

Advantages outsourcing company
  • We have enough experience to build a SSC, the most effective for your business.

  • We know all the legal niceties for the production of such works that will save you from unnecessary bickering with the tax and other state controlling organizations in the future.

  • We orientirueshsya on the date of the execution of the work specified in the contract, and not on the number of working hours in a day, so tasks in the shortest possible time.

  • The guarantor of the quality of our work is our reputation that is proven by grateful clients for whom we already not the first year are a reliable partner.

As SSC increases the efficiency of the holding?
  • Execution of similar works is given by one organization, which significantly reduces the time to carry them out and releases the work-units at the individual enterprises of the holding.

  • A uniform system of reports on the activities of enterprises, which will operate the shared service center, will allow managers of company to obtain structured information in a readable form, which will greatly simplify the adoption of the necessary operational and strategic business decisions.

  • Increases the speed of feedback, a properly configured thanks to the work of the SSC.

  • Повышается лояльность потенциальных инвесторов к холдингу ввиду прозрачности отчетной информации по каждому отдельному предприятию и компании в целом.

  • Увеличивается скорость обработки большого количества информации по всем предприятиям, благодаря ее централизации.

  • Увеличивается простота доступа к информации на любых уровнях ее обработки.

The cost of building a SSC can be calculated right now

The cost calculations of building SSC will not take much time. Simply indicate the number of enterprises in your company, field of activities, total number of employees and the number of key business processes for each structural unit. All this you can do by using our online calculator.

The tax system:

Total (VAT included)
Simplified taxation (VAT)

Approximate amount source documents per month:


The approximate cost of the services: rub. / month.

Find out the exact cost
By paying for the service
you get:
  • Building a shared service center from scratch.

  • The design of the legal person providing the service within the SSC.

  • The budget of the SSC project and its approval by the customer.

  • Building a technical base shared service center.

  • The development of the methodological basis of the new division of the holding.

  • Recruitment for a new structural unit.

  • The organizational structure of the SSC and to determine the relationship with the enterprises of the holding.

  • Grinding of the tax and legal aspects of the work of SSC.

Scheme of work with Sun Consulting

In the first stage is a contract on the provision of services, where designated tasks, deadlines and criteria of quality of work performance.

Next, the customer provides all necessary information about work of the enterprises of the holding company to define the structure and scope of the SSC.

Draw up the project budget within the SSC and claim it at the customer.

Performed building, organization of work and the provision of a common service centre.

Test the center and make any necessary adjustments.

Why working with us is profitable?
  • Work with us — it saves not only money, but time. You will be able to focus on business processes, bringing real profit, not delving into routine accounting matters.
  • Your confidential information will be secured the reputation of our company.
  • Your accounting will always be in perfect condition.
  • Our deep knowledge of regulations and laws, will give you an advantage over competitors.
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